Celise Downs

About Celise

I was born and raised in
Phoenix, Arizona, the youngest
of only two girls. My sister and
I are two years and two days
apart and true Gemini’s. Despite the
fact that for many, many years, the desert has been my home, we spent five and a half of some of those years in Reno, Nevada. For the record, I do not like being cold and I don’t like snow. But my best childhood memories can be found on Warren Way, one of whom I’ve known for twenty-six years and stood up with me when I got married on Sept 9, 2006.

I read somewhere that talking to oneself is a sign of creativity. I think I showed “signs” at an early age. When I was young, I used to have long drawn-out conversations with myself. No imaginary friend. About what, I can’t remember, but it was all logical. I swear. My introduction to creativity came by way of a suggestion to dispel boredom during 7th grade recess. My best friend at the time decided we should write stories and exchange them. I don’t remember if she finished hers or not, but I remember thinking that I had more to say.

It was like my overactive imagination had been cracked wide open now that it had an outlet.

My friends’ lives were always more dramatic and exciting than mine and gave me plenty of material to blow out of proportion. “Better watch what you say or else it could end up in one of my books,” I’d warned them. That hasn’t happened. Yet. But I knew teen fiction would be my niche and with help from a wonderful English teacher my senior year, Mrs. Smith, I was well on my way to writing my first Great American Young Adult Fiction Novel.

It didn’t happen right away, of course. I went to Scottsdale Community College for two years before transferring to Arizona State. After attending for a year and a half, I promptly thumbed my nose at obtaining a BA in English and got a full time job instead. Currently, I write, but have a side job that keeps me in pencil lead and spiral notebooks.

My husband and I share our home with a talkative Tabby cat named Sweetpea. When I’m not writing, I’m reading until my eyes cross, watching my fave T.V. shows, and going to the movies.

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