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From Novel to Graphic Novel, DA: Book One Session #3

June 17, 2011 | Creative Writing II,DA Series: The Graphic Novel,Draven Atreides,Draven Atreides, Teenage Informant Series,Life in General,The 4-1-1 on Me,Writer Moment

My session with Bryan last night started with an email to him the previous day stating that I needed a brainstorming session. I had finally finished Chapter One of the GN and was prepared to tell him that we probably wouldn’t be meeting for a while because I needed to rework some scenes.

I was taking the suggestion he’d made–as well as a comment from a mentor–under advisement about adding more action scenes. When Bryan and I met up I asked him how I could do that and we talked about it. I told him about the creative writing class I’m taking right now and how I was hoping the morning pages exercise would help me get back into a writing routine. And to help me hear the voices again.

Draven and I aren’t talking right now.

In fact, we haven’t conversed since around this time last year, when I dusted off Book 1 and revised the first 50 pages. Again. For, like, the 3rd or 4th time. My thoughts have been very quiet and not in a good way. I told Bryan that it’s been like chirping crickets in my mind for quite some time and he suggested that maybe there’s a reason. Maybe she’s trying to tell me something and I haven’t been listening. He said maybe I need to have an artist date and find out what’s going on with Draven.

So I took his advice.

Today, after getting home from work, I went on an artist date.

In the tub.

Lights out.

Candle flickering.

It didn’t take long.

My first book, Secrets and Kisses, was an idea.

My second book, Dance Jam Productions, was a reoccurring dream I kept having. Once I wrote it, I stopped having the dream.

The Draven series was an idea. The idea was based off of my niece and I was writing it for her. In a “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to write a YA series about a strong, kick-ass African-American heroine? Don’t see much of those” kind of way.

And it was good.

Boy-howdy, the conversations we she had.

And it was good. For two books.

Conversation started getting strained around Book 3, when I was trying to write her next assignment for NaNoWriMo in 2009.

Yeah. That was like finding a turd in a punch bowl.

And, as I mentioned, things were good for a little while around this time last year.

But here we are again. Same time, different year. And Draven is silent again. Even as I worked on Chapter One of the GN, she never said a word.

I got scared. I was afraid I was losing my creative spark and for a writer, well, *holds out arms, wrist side up*, let’s just say that’s not a good thing.

I thought it was because of school. That even after nearly 3 yrs in, I’m still trying to find that work/life/school balance…and school’s winning by a landslide.

But that’s not it.

Well, Bryan, you’ll be happy to know that I figured it out.

Draven’s not talking to me anymore because someone else is.

Another reoccurring dream (I think there’s a pattern emerging). One that’s been hanging on for a very long time. I’ve been trying to block her out, covering my ears and ignoring her, because she’s not a teenager. I keep saying “I write YA!” But I don’t think she cares. LOL. No, no, I don’t think, I know: she doesn’t care.

I’m a little superstitious and I believe in signs. When it comes to my writing, that is. And I really can’t believe that I’ve been ignoring this one.

So I’m not going to any longer.

With that being said, I’ve decided to put the Draven GN series on the back burner for a little while.


The idea is still there. I still love the idea of a teenage FBI informant.

But someone other than Draven is talking now and she won’t shut. the fuck. up.

So I’m going to let her speak her peace and see what happens.

I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

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