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December 31, 2011 | Movie Queue,The 4-1-1 on Me

Here are the movies I saw during the year 2011:

BURLESQUE – This movie came out last year, but I didn’t see it until this year. Cher looked great, and I really liked the song “Bound to You” that Christina Aguilera sang. And Cam Gigandet was H-O-T. Holy. Cow.

THE MECHANIC – I love me some Jason Statham

I AM NUMBER FOUR – Alex Pettyfer is hawt! And I liked all of his special abilities.

FROM PRADA TO NADA – kind of a cutesy version of CLUELESS.

BATTLE: LA Never a dull moment. The action never let up. And strangely enough, Ne-Yo isn’t that bad of actor.

THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU – Interesting take on the topic of free will…and whether or not you’re really controlling yours.

BEASTLY – This didn’t get very good reviews. There were a few moments in there where the dialogue was kinda corny, but I liked it. Alex Pettyfer is SO HAWT.

SOURCE CODE – This one was interesting and the special effects were cool, too. Scott Bakula voiced Jake Gyllenhall’s father (but you never see him). I just happened to see his name in the credits. If you see this movie and then remember the show that Scott did, you’ll see the irony his small yet unseen part.

SUCKER PUNCH – I liked this one. A mixture of fantasy and reality.

RED RIDING HOOD – What’s ironic about this movie is that the actor who plays Bella’s father in the TWILIGHT series, portrayed a father figure in this movie, too. But he wasn’t exactly….normal. Shiloh Fernandez is a cutie. Loved the crookedness of his mouth, reminded me of Corey Haim.

THE WARRIOR’S WAY Love me some martial arts.

TANGLED OMG, I loved this cartoon. Zachary Levi is freakin’ awesome. It was like watching a cartoon version of CHUCK. LOL.

KUNG FU PANDA 2 Really liked the story and how they integrated Po’s adoption into it. Also pretty cool to “hear” Jean-Claude Van Damme. I really used to love his movies.

PROM The newcomer dude was pretty hot, even though I didn’t get a romantic vibe between him and the leading lady.

FAST FIVE Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Paul Walker, all together in one movie. Serious eye candy, people!

THOR – OMG, Chris Hemsworth. Shirtless scene. Freeze frame. Wha–?

THE HANGOVER II Same guys, different story.

13 ASSASSINS Epic. Battle scene. Epic, I tell you!

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS: Liked seeing the history of Charles and Erik, the references to the other movies, and absolutely LOVED Hugh Jackman’s cameo. Funny.

SUPER 8 – This reminded me of a more action-packed version of STAND BY ME. Really liked it and the soundtrack sounded awesome.

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